‘Do Not Use’ List Leads To Age Discrimination Settlement

A settlement of $85,000 has been made regarding a discrimination claim involving legal employment agency Strategic Legal Solutions.

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a lawsuit against Strategic Legal Solutions last September.  The EEOC alleged that Strategic Legal Solutions discriminated against attorney Claudia Zacks after she disclosed her age to the company.

Strategic Legal Solutions originally reached out to Zacks, offering her a position which she accepted.  The company then obtained various information from Zacks, including her date of birth.  According to a document published by the EEOC, after finding out Zacks’ age, Strategic almost immediately called Zacks to back out of the job offer.

Within 90 minutes of receiving the attorney’s date of birth, the company called to withdraw the offer, alleging she could not possibly arrive at the worksite in time to begin work on the next day.  The attorney questioned whether the real reason the company suddenly withdrew its offer was because of her age.  In response, the company told her she would be placed on a “do not use” list and she need not apply for future work assignments with Strategic Legal Solutions.

In light of these charges, the lawsuit requested that the court order Strategic to pay an amount appropriate to cover Zacks’ back wages, liquidated damages and interest.

After reviewing the information at hand, the court finally agreed with the EEOC on July 10, ordering Strategic to pay $85,000 to Zacks.  They are also required to take steps to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

Discrimination and retaliation due to age has been a problem for many in the workplace.  The EEOC has promised to zealously investigate and litigate future instances of such conduct in the future.

Workforce discrimination has been a topic of interest this summer.  Debates have been ongoing over Kansas City’s decision to exclude teenagers from the minimum wage increase.

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