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Transparent Truck: Samsung Aims To Improve Road Safety

Samsung Transparent Truck

Samsung wants to mount massive video displays on the backs of trucks in order to improve road safety.

In order to do so, the Korean tech firm wants to mount forward-facing cameras to the fronts of trucks which will transmit what they see to the rear displays, effectively transforming the rolling visual inhibitors into transparent trucks.

This could prevent drivers from making poor decisions when it comes to passing trucks on two-lane roads where drivers can become impatient, Fox News reports.

While the “Safety Truck” is presently only a concept design at this stage, the company points out that the system could help reduce the risk of accidents caused by sudden braking and erratic driving maneuvers once the technology has been implemented.

In order to see the road safety technology implemented, the company is working with various relevant organizations in order to conduct the tests required to secure the approval of governments.

The working prototype the company built is “no longer operational,” according to the company’s website, but the company notes that it has shown that the concept works and that the idea “can definitely safe the lives of many people.”

The prototype Safety Truck was developed and tested in Argentina, where CBS News reports the traffic accident rates to be among the highest in the world.

CNET’s Bridget Carey was quoted by CBS News as having said that she can’t help but feel like the giant screen in the back of a truck is a “distraction to driving” and that she feels “like this is more for show” in light of the automotive industry moving towards self-driving cars.

Although it has some good intentions, I can’t help but feel it itself is a distraction to driving (…) We’re heading more toward self driving cars, I feel like this is more for show.

What do you think of Samsung’s Safety Truck?

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