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Most Americans Support Powdered Alcohol Bans, Survey Finds

Alcohol Powder

Most adult Americans support banning powdered alcohol in light of its potential for misuse in the hands of underage youth, according to the findings of a new survey conducted by the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

Alcohol powder, which is a molecularly encapsulated ethanol, turns into an alcoholic beverage when mixed with water.

While powdered alcohol received approval from U.S. regulators back in March, some states have already banned it, according to the survey’s authors.

The poll found that 60 percent of adults in the country favor bans on the sale of powdered alcohol and over 80 percent believe powdered alcohol will increase the use of alcohol by underage youth.

An overwhelming 90 percent of adults indicated concern over the substance’s misuse by those under the legal drinking age of 21.

As far as powdered alcohol awareness among U.S. adults is concerned, some 33 percent have heard of it.

The powdered intoxicant is set to launch this summer.

In Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont, the product has already been banned, according to a release on EurekAlert.

Dr. Matthew Davis, director of the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, was quoted in a U-M news release that the majority of adults surveyed in the poll “agree that powdered alcohol may spell trouble for young people.”

Given that several states are considering legislation about powdered alcohol, our poll looked at what the public thinks about this new product. The majority of adults agree that powdered alcohol may spell trouble for young people.

The United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported last week that underage alcohol consumption and underage binge drinking trends are on the decline in the United States.

Do you support bans on powdered alcohol?

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