Adam is a passionate writer who dabbles in freestyle rapping and music production when he's not contributing captivating news articles for our audience to enjoy here at Immortal News.

Amanda Pollard, who also writes for The Odyssey Online, covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News with a focus on health.

Angela is a Texas based contributor who covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

Mr. Kaljić is an avid gamer with a background in medicine studies who enjoys watching sports when he's not behind a computer, buried in literature, or riding a bicycle.

Caleb is an experienced digital journalist with a passion for traveling, listening to music, and playing sports— ranging from handball to soccer.

Chloe Brooks, who has contributed to local news outlet Downtown Devil, is a journalist residing and working in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. She never goes anywhere without her notebook and is a firm believer in the healing power of hot coffee and long walks.

Christie is a graduate with a degree in business administration. When this Georgia-based writer is not covering a range of topics here at Immortal News, she is writing short stories for pleasure or museum hoping.

Christine Layton is an avid reader in Nevada who loves sharing her voice with the world. She has a passion for finance, health, and all things science.

Chris, a graduate of Humboldt State University, is a California native presently residing in New York. He covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News, but focuses on the latest in health and science.

Mr. Celik is an Istanbul-based journalist who covers a variety of topics including health, entertainment, technology, science, and international politics here at Immortal News.

Clarissa Wilson has been a professional writer for 9 years now. She calls herself an any writer because she can write on any topic and anything. She started out small on the freelance writing ladder and has climbed her way to the top over the years. She loves writing! It is her passion! Clarissa used to be a contributor for Examiner and AXS.

Dalton Opiyo is a professional Journalist and the author of 'The Choice Of Time'. He also comments on topical issues for Immortal News from time to time.

Dan Beers is a Washington based contributor and novelist who enjoys a good beer and an entertaining PC game.

Dawn is a Freelance Writer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys writing about current news and television. She is also a contributor for Examiner and AXS as well as other sites. When she isn't writing she can still usually be found with some electronic device close at hand- lost on some social media site.

Desirae is a US-based contributor covering health and pop culture here at Immortal News.

Ellisha has been a freelance writer for eight years. She has contributed her writings to websites such as Merchant Circle & WebProNews.

Emily, an English teacher with a passion for journalism, covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

George Vieira is a Colorado based contributor who specializes in business, politics, and current events.

Gina Valley is an Arizona native who contributes to the health, science, entertainment, and technology sections here at Immortal News. Previously, she's been published on and the Guardian Liberty Voice.

Henry is a consumer electronics and technology enthusiast who loves writing about anything tech related.

Mr. Duren is a journalist, copywriter, husband, father and musician from sunny San Diego, California.

Mr. Brazil, who studied at the University of Wisconsin, covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News and in his free time, he actually does math for fun.

Jaq is a Seattle-based writer with a passion for words, video games, and really fancy meals. When she's not writing, it's a toss-up between a good book, a good game, or a Netflix binge.

Jeff Hayter is native Marylander with an MBA and an undergrad degree in Mathematics. He enjoys writing about the economy and social issues and has an insatiable appetite for current events. In his free time he is an avid fisherman and traveler.

Jenilee is a US-based English teacher with a ravenous hunger for all things abstract. She covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

Jenny Marchal contributes trending news coverage across a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

Jesse Lane is a California-born writer who covers a variety of sections here at Immortal News.

Jessica is a Cincinnati-based contributor with a BS in Journalism who covers a wide range of topics here at Immortal News.

Jhoanna Ballaran is a journalist by day, a dreamer by night. She wants to save the world, one word at a time. Jhoanna has also contributed to The Manila Times.

Joan, who has previously contributed to The Manila Times, is a longtime fan of professional wrestling who covers the latest in WWE as well as health and science here at Immortal News.

John Bennett is a British-American writer with a couple of decades worth of experience penning news and features. He's a polygot with a background in anthropology and social theory who has lived and worked in many countries - spanning three continents.

Josh Farmer is a Arkansas-based contributor who covers trending news across a variety of topics here at Immortal News. When he's not writing, he enjoys feeding his wanderlust by exploring museums, airplanes and new dining experiences.

Katrina is a London-based contributor who covers the health and entertainment sections here at Immortal News. When she's not writing, she can usually be found nestled between the pages of a book, playing Dungeons & Dragons, or doing volunteer work with children.

Kayleigh Parker is a UK-based contributor here at Immortal News who holds a BA (Hons) in English Comparative Literature from Goldsmiths University, loves travel and animal welfare and is currently working on a novel.

Keith Holland is the Community Manager for Momentum Ventures in Montreal, Quebec. Follow Momentum Ventures at @MVenturesMTL and reach Keith by email at [email protected]

Kim Brandow is an avid reader who loves animals, wildlife, sports, and watching her favorite TV shows. She covers trending sports here on Immortal News. She also writes for Examiner on the topics of tennis and entertainment, as well as writing for other sites. Her past writing experience includes Yahoo Contributor Network.

Kristen Hovet is a North Dakota born contributor presently residing in British Columbia, Canada.

Leeanna Whirl is an American citizen studying economics abroad. She covers everything from world news to the latest in sports and business here at Immortal News.

Mr. Markus is Bay Area native who covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

Li Cohen is a passionate writer who covers a variety of sections here at Immortal News. Cohen, who has also contributed to Examiner and Elite Daily, enjoys traveling and reading in her free time.

Luis is a US based contributor with a journalism degree from the University of Maryland. He maintains an avid interest in film, television, social media, and current affairs.

Lydia is a New England based contributor who enjoys reading, playing video games and the company of her two children.

Madison is a traveler, photojournalist and writer who covers the celebrity and entertainment beats here at Immortal News.

(No biographical information is available at this time)

Mary Walsh has a degree in Writing from the University of Southern California (2011), but has been writing articles and telling stories since she was young. She has a background in science and health, having started a second Bachelors Degree in Biology before leaving to teach Health Promotion with the Peace Corps for two years. She enjoys informing the public about various science and health topics.

Matt Christie is a Detroit, Michigan-based contributor here at Immortal News.

Matt Towns is a former military journalist who has contributed to Business Insider and Daily KOS.

Mr. Buchanan is not only a contributor here at Immortal News, he's our Maryland-based Managing Editor.

Michelle Dryden is a new media journalist, with a traditional journalism background. She is an adjunct professor and avid news blogger. She reads a variety of publications, while producing her personal news and education blogs. She enjoys television and traveling.

Natalie Lifson is a New Jersey-based contributor who covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

Nina Bourne is a United States based contributor who covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

Orietta Estrada is a freelance writer. Her interests include environmental issues, global warming and human impacts on wildlife.

Phil Wilmot is an American reporting from northern Uganda where he presently resides with his family.

Rachel Green is an Indiana native with an English Literature degree. When she's not covering everything shy of tech here at Immortal News, she enjoys an array of activities including swimming, traveling and of course, watching Game of Thrones.

Raj is an academic, business consultant, and current affairs commentator. A San Francisco, California native with years of experience in Silicon Valley and emerging markets, he tracks trends that have global implications. His interests span media, art, science, travel, and technology.

Richard Johnson is a New Yorker who enjoys playing the saxophone, writing, and listening to jazz, among many other things.

Seumus Michael Maley is a polymath from Atlanta, GA. He is an English Professor, voice-over artist, musician, and freelance writer who covers the tech, science, health, and business sections at Immortal News.

Simon, a graduate of Brown University, is a man of many talents — writer, scholar, speaker of too many languages, and (of course) fire spinner. He covers a variety of topics here at Immortal News.

Simon is a UK-based contributor who has contributed to Pure Content and China Daily. He covers a variety of sections here at Immortal News.

Starr Bryson is an Arizona native currently contributing to Immortal News from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she's not writing, she enjoys playing video games such as World of Warcraft, watching movies, reading comic books, and binging out on Netflix.

Tamara Woods is a writer, dreamer, lover of cats and all things orange. She's a full-time writer and a part-time Netflix addict.

Tim Rinehart is a science writer from Philadelphia who, in his free time, plays 1864-rules baseball with a group of miscreants.

Travis Toth is a NC State graduate who holds a degree in Creative Writing. When he's not contributing his insights here at Immortal News, he enjoys writing poetry, songs, short stories and the like.

Victor Johnson is a California born and raised technology enthusiast who is the founder of both Immortal News and

William Frazier is a Louisiana-based contributor who covers everything from sports to entertainment here at Immortal News.

Zohaib is a digital media journalist with a masters in mass communication who covers sports, entertainment and technology here at Immortal News.

Zye is a freelance writer who loves reading mystery and mythology books, and travels to see ancient structures.

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