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Real Life GTA Video By Corridor Digital Goes Viral

GTA In Real Life

Corridor Digital published a stunning new video depiction of the popular Grand Theft Auto video game in real life and the video, which was published Monday on YouTube, has already seen over 3.5 million views.

The new viral video, which is titled “Real GTA” and features music by Carpenter Brut, humorously claims in its YouTube description that “Los Santos is a real place.” For those that are unfamiliar with GTA‘s state of Andreas, it’s based on a combination of California’s Los Angeles, which is Los Santos in the game, San Francisco and Nevada’s Las Vegas.

Los Santos is a real place.

The video begins in typical GTA fashion, with the main character answering a cell phone, receiving the identity of a target for assassination, and proceeding to steal a bicycle in order to speed things up.

Upon stealing the bike for an unwitting bystander, the character punches the bicycle’s rightful owner who explodes with stacks of cash just like in the game.

The stunningly accurate real-world portrayal of the video game continues with the assassin cruising along, seemingly en route to his next destination: what appears to be a deal gone bad of sorts in which the character kills the dealer with a single punch, snags some loot, and then snaps selfie from a point overlooking the city.

Next, in typical GTA V fashion, the character zooms down a mountain on a bicycle, proceeds to hit a jump and bust a back-flip, jack a lady for her Porsche Boxster, and then shoot flames out of its exhaust while grabbing gears, speeding off in the direction of the nearest gun store.

Again, in what’s just another day in Los Santos, the driver of the stolen car smashes into a couple of pedestrians who go flying over the windshield immediately following impact.After acquiring adequate weaponry, the character speeds towards the target, locates him in the hood, and proceeds to exit the vehicle armed with a semiautomatic pistol. He pulls the slide and begins his approach, firing as he moves. He takes out one guy, then another, and then a shootout with his intended target begins. He takes some fire from a sub-machine gun, which he seemingly jumps to avoid, then proceeds to assassinate his target. As he’s walking away, he’s run over by a car.Just another day in the real world of Las Santos.What are your thoughts on this incredible depiction of GTA in real life?

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