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Apple Watch’s Irregular Heart Rate Is A Feature, Not A Bug

Apple Watch

Following the very first update to the Apple Watch, which came out roughly two weeks ago, 9to5Mac noticed that its heart monitor feature was no longer consistently recording heart rates every 10 minutes. Instead, the hi-tech watches have started to track data at longer, increasingly irregular intervals.

What was initially thought to be a bug turns out to be an intentional update, as the company’s new support page indicates the feature will still attempt to track heart rates every 10 minutes, however, it won’t record rates while arms are in motion.

All the same, users can still check their heart rates via the Heart Rate Glance feature and the watches will continue to track heart rates during workouts.

The Apple Watch — the popularity of which reportedly caused LG to reduce the price of their G Watch to a mere $50 — entered the smartwatch market just last month and has already caused one Canadian man to receive a $120 fine, as he was reportedly pulled over by Quebec police for using the gizmo to change the song he was listening to while driving.

While it’s presently unclear why Apple decided to adjust the feature, CNET‘s Lynn La speculates in a report that it could have been implemented to extend battery life by cutting back on usage or to improve the accuracy of the feature’s readings.

The first sales projections of Apple’s recently released smartwatch indicate that the watch sold more on the first day of its debut through pre-orders than the Android Wear did back in all of 2014, Tech Radar reported.

Why do you think Apple updated their smartwatch’s heart rate monitoring functionality?

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