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Seizure Sniffing Service Dogs Detect Seizures Before They Strike

Seizure Service Dog

Seizure dogs are relatively expensive, costing thousands of dollars, but they not only have the ability to alert their companions to seizures before they occur, they can also improve the lives of children afflicted with seizures, according to an Associated Press report published via Fox 13 News.

In the case of the Ohio-based nonprofit known as 4 Paws for Ability, each seizure dog costs $22,000 to breed and train. Fortunately, the family is only asked to raise $15,000.

One such family that received a seizure service dog is that of 11-year-old Alyssa Howe’s, whose family received a service dog, a golden retriever named Flint, three years after Alyssa lost her sight and began experiencing up to 20 seizures a day.

While most agencies training seizure service dogs require a minor to be 16 in order to handle a service dog alone in public, there are a few that do not exclude the young children whose livelihood’s might be improved by such trained companions and one such agency is 4 Paws.

Instead of excluding young children, 4 Paws not only trains seizure dogs, but also trains at least a couple of adult caregivers, such as parents, teachers, or even baby-sitters.

Before Flint moved in with Alyssa’s family, her grandmother would stay with her throughout the night, keeping watch over her in case of an episode. Three years after she lost her sight, her service animal arrived.

Flint not only alerts the young girl’s family to seizures, he also offers emotional support as well as guidance which enhances her mobility.

Alyssa’s mother, Juliette Palomaki, was quoted by The Associated Press in a report published on ABC News as having said that Flint gives her daughter “a companion to enjoy the moments when she is doing things she likes to do,” but also a companion for those days that are less than good.

It gives her a companion to enjoy the moments when she is doing things she likes to do (…) And if she is having a bad day, she will call him and they will just be together.

In other impressive canine coverage here at Immortal News, a pup named Frankie can sniff out thyroid cancer prior to diagnosis through traditional means.


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