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Overweight Diabetes Patients Outlive Slimmer Ones

Overweight People Live Longer

A British research team concluded that overweight diabetes patients outlive slimmer ones.

The study, which followed 10,568 patients with type-2 diabetes for more than 11 years, found that while obesity increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), overweight patients with CVD tend to live longer than patients of normal weight. This holds true for those with diabetes as well. The data is confusing reports the Science Recorder.

The patients that had the highest risk of dying during the study were underweight diabetics, who had nearly three times the mortality of normal-weight patients. Overweight patients, surprisingly had the best rates for survival, being 13 percent less likely to die than normal-weight or obese diabetics.

However, it should be noted that this study is in direct contrast to the results published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2014 which found no survival advantage with extra pounds.

The Undercover California reports that the study was led by Dr. Stephen Atkin and Dr. Pierluigi Costanzo of Britain’s University of Hull. Costanzo said, “These results are exploratory and hypothesis-generating.”

However researchers say that the study’s findings are inconclusive because the influence of factors such as smoking and alcohol isn’t fully known. Also, the researchers said they didn’t have information on cause of death, fitness levels, or certain medications.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Dr. Spyros Mezitis” author_title=”endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City”]

I am wary of telling people that if you are overweight you are going to live longer, or that it doesn’t matter if you are overweight (…) We need more studies to really understand what’s going on here.[/quote]

Recently, Immortal News covered a story about a recent study conducted that found obesity markers in urine.

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