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Comedian Roseanne Barr Reveals That She Is Slowly Going Blind

She is known for being a funny lady, but there is nothing humorous about what Roseanne Barr is going through with her eye health. She has just revealed that she is suffering from macular degeneration that is slowly taking away her ability to see. She has confirmed that she will most likely end up going blind sometime in the future.

Barr was attending the Tribeca Film Festival in New York as her new documentary called “Roseanne For President!” made its premiere recently. Her failed presidential run in 2012 was the topic in this film. In the interview on Monday with The Daily Beast, the actress came clean on how the terrible eye disease is affecting her eyesight and that she may eventually go blind from it. She is also a big fan of smoking marijuana. Supposedly she uses it to help with the symptoms of her eye disease but it looks like she kind of likes it anyway.

I have macular degeneration and glaucoma, so [marijuana] is good for me for that because I have pressure in my eyes […] It’s a good medicine for a lot of things.

The 62-year-old comedian said that her doctors have not given her any kind of time frame. She is just taking it one day at a time and trying to deal with it. However, she did say that going blind is not really in the near future so she still has time to do the things that she loves like reading. She just recently tweeted out this post about her eye health.

Roseanne Barr is most widely known as the sassy wife and mother on the hit comedy, “Roseanne,” which debuted in 1987 and ran through 1997. It became classic TV and brought fame to the actress and also to her TV family, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert and Michael Fishman. These days she is lying low and trying to stay positive.

I just try and enjoy vision as much as possible […] y’know, living it up

According to WebMD, macular degeneration has no cure available. It causes severe impairment of vision. The retina in the back of the eye slowly deteriorates causing sight to become a problem. Glaucoma causes pressure in the optic nerve and is usually an inherited condition. Both diseases can be age related.

A new telescopic contact lens was reported by Immortal News in February that could eventually help with conditions such as macular degeneration and other eye conditions such as what Rosanne Barr suffers from. In the meantime, she is using the treatments that her doctors prescribe for her particular situation to keep her sight intact as much as possible at this point.

Did you watch “Roseanne” back a few years ago?

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