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Hillary Clinton’s Father’s Tombstone Vandalized In Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton

Less than a week into Hillary Clinton’s second presidential bid, the tombstone of her late father, Hugh Rodham, was vandalized.

Clinton, whose 2016 campaign is headquartered in Brooklyn Heights, announced her second presidential bid this past Sunday.

According to a TIME report, a tipster notified local law enforcement of the overturned tombstone which was restored to its former glory by Tuesday afternoon.

While authorities are not presently aware of how Rodham’s gravestone, which is located in the Washburn Street Cemetery, was tipped over, Chief Graziano was quoted by the Scranton Times-Tribute as having said that it might have been the work of vandals and if it’s not, he’s otherwise unsure of how else it could have occurred.

I’m not sure how else it would have fallen over

The cemetery’s caretaker, Paul McGloin, indicated that the gravestone was secure and upright on Friday so the potential act of vandalism must have taken place after which point.

Mr. McGloin was quoted by the Scranton Times-Tribute as having said that he hopes “this had nothing to do with politics because that’s just wrong”.

I hope this had nothing to do with politics because that’s just wrong

The vandalism of the Rodham family headstone comes amidst reports that an Oklahoma mosque was vandalized with bacon and a Maryland synagogue was vandalized by a man who has since confessed to the vandalism. In the latter event, surveillance video released by local police showed two perpetrators.

In other news about the presidential candidate, Hillary’s use of personal e-mail to conduct government business has come under scrutiny.

What are your thoughts on the vandalism of Hillary Clinton’s father’s tombstone, do you think it was politically motivated?

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