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Study Finds: New Breath Test Can Detect Stomach Cancer

Scientist have recently discovered a new breath test that can predict whether people with gut problems are at high risk of developing stomach cancer.

The study, published Monday in the medical journal Gut, suggests that the technology, called nano-array analysis, is not only a test to diagnose stomach cancer, but also used to monitor those who are at a high risk of developing the disease, according to Fox News.

The study, based on 484 people, 99 of whom had previously diagnosed stomach cancer, shows that the new method is 92 percent accurate at picking up the specific “breath-print” of patients with cancer. The study relies on the idea that people with cancer may have unique breath signatures – containing minute chemical compounds not found in the breath of cancer-free people.

According to BBC, scientist believe that early diagnosis may help the prognosis and patient treatment. Stomach cancer affects over 7,300 people each year in the United Kingdom and over 24,000 people in the United States.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Dr. Emma Smith” author_title=”Senior science information officer at Cancer Research UK”]

Diagnosing cancer in its early stages offers patients the best chance of successful treatment, so research like this has potential to help save lives. But we would need to be sure the test is sensitive and accurate enough to be used more widely.


Study researcher Hossam Haick, a professor in the department of chemical engineering at the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute in Israel, siad that the attractiveness of this test lies in non invasiveness, ease of use and low-cost.

A similar study covered last month in a story by Immortal News, showed that coffee reduces liver cancer risk in alcohol drinkers. Apparently, the study’s objective was to to determine just how physical activity, diet and weight affect liver cancer risk.

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