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3D Robotics Solo Quad-Copter Streams HD Aerial Video To Smartphones

Relive your favorite moments from a soccer game, weekend outing or epic vacation with the help of 3D Robotics quad-copter drone called Solo.

Solo features a controller and it’s equipped with a motorized 3-axis camera stabilizer. It is the culmination of a couple years of work and a partnership with GoPro that resulted in a drone with full in-flight camera control and live, low-latency HD streaming straight to mobile devices, according to CNET.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”Chris Anderson” author_title=”3D Robotic’s CEO and co-founder”]

What Solo introduces are two new technologies for deep integration with GoPros. The first thing, is because it has an on-board Linux computer, it’s capable of running apps for computer vision for object tracking and artificial intelligence and other things. And because it also has a long-distance broadband connection, it’s able to transmit not just the HD video, but flight data and telemetry. We’re able to let you have the GoPro that you want, but also have the control over that camera.


Solo will be available in May, starting at $999. Anderson calls Solo his company’s first physical product that can meet and exceed its best competitors, DJI and Parrot, according to Washington Post.

However anyone using Solo will have to be careful about the flight paths they choose. If a hundred feet tree is in the way and you’re flying Solo on seventy feet, it will fly straight into the tree. Solo doesn’t have a sense-and-avoid capabilities, but the drone industry is continuing to work on that area.

With 3D Robotics Solo you will be able to share amazing videos with your Facebook friends and on other social media sites. It’s destined to be the next big thing and possibly could be used for variety of things.

In an unrelated story covered by Immortal News in January, drone loaded with meth crashing near Mexico-California border.

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