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Bobcat Drags Shark From Florida Ocean [Photo]

Bobcat Shark Ocean

Photographer John Bailey managed to snap this impressive picture of a bobcat dragging a shark out of the waters with his iPhone— a photo which has gone viral, as it’s quickly spread across the Internet like a virtual wildfire.

First Coast News shared the picture on their confirmed Twitter account in a status message to their more than 24K followers which referenced the food chain in action.

Bailey indicated to First Coast News that it appeared to him as if the shark was in search of smaller fish in shallow waters when the bobcat noticed it.

His presence apparently frightened the feline as it dropped the shark and took off running before it could devour its fresh seafood.

The opportunity to snap the picture came about as Mr. Bailey was strolling through Sebastian Inlet State Park, which is Vero Beach, Florida. While strolling along, he noticed a bobcat near the water’s edge and decided to whip out his iPhone and snap a picture.

What he caught was incredible: a bobcat dragging a 4-foot shark out of the ocean and onto the beach.

In regards to the viral photo he snapped early Monday evening, Bailey was quoted by Bradenton Herald as having said that it’s been kind of “a shock” and while he “didn’t think it was that rare,” he recognizes that it apparently is.

It’s kind of been a shock […] I didn’t think it was that rare, but I guess it is.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s spokesperson Liz Barraco, who examined the photo, told WESH that while it was “the first time” they had seen anything like this, there’s “no reason to believe it’s fake“.

This is the first time we’ve seen something like it […] It’s not totally unreasonable but it’s just the first time […] There is no reason to believe it’s fake

What do you think of this incredible picture of a bobcat dragging a shark out of the ocean?

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