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Chicago Man Busted With UPS Shipped Marijuana Package From Colorado, Again

UPS Marijuana Shipment Busted

Ryan Bailey has been arrested not once, but twice over the last roughly five years for the same crime: accepting and opening a package of marijuana shipped via UPS from Colorado to Chicago.

According to a CBS Chicago report, the United Parcel Service alerted the Chicago Police Department of a package containing a strong odor of cannabis which was sent from Colorado— a state in which marijuana is not only legalized for medicinal use, but decriminalized for recreational use.

Local law enforcement in the city of Chicago obtained a search warrant which allowed them to access the package which allegedly contained almost 7-pounds of pot.

While the 32-year-old Bailey was arrested after he allegedly opened the package once it was delivered to a cell phone store in the 300 block of East 47th Street and Bailey, the sender’s address was that of a fictitious shipping company in Aurora, Colorado.

Authorities claim Ryan was amongst those young entrepreneurs who went out west to Colorado’s marijuana rush in an attempt to cash in on the state’s medical marijuana industry, however, the former mortgage broker’s marijuana operation allegedly exceeded the limitations imposed by state law, subsequently resulting in a raid on his warehouse in which authorities claim to have seized over 670 plants.

Bailey was acquitted in the case against his warehouse grow operation which allegedly fueled the small medical marijuana dispensary his wife operated at the time.

Some time later, in 2010, police raided a home in Chicago’s northwest side where they found Mr. Bailey holding a package which contained over 40 pounds of weed. The package, like the one he was recently caught opening, was shipped by UPS.

In regards to his bad fortune in the marijuana industry, Bailey was quoted by the Sun-Times Chicago as having said that some people have had the good fortune of getting lucky while others “like me have gotten caught in the system.”

Some people in the industry have gotten lucky […] Other guys like me have gotten caught in the system.

In a recent cannabis study conducted in the state of Colorado, scientists in the state found the marijuana that they tested to contain contaminants, more THC and less CBD.

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