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Hillary Clinton Campaign Moves To NYC’s Brooklyn Heights

Clinton Campaign Brooklyn Heights

While Hillary Clinton doesn’t have an official campaign at the moment, she does have a campaign office located in New York City, according to various reports.

Her new campaign office, from which the team will ponder their next move, is located at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in Brooklyn Heights, CNN reported.

The building, according to a CNN report published on Friday, also houses offices for the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York as well as the investment banking and wealth management firm Morgan Stanley. Which, as it stands, has pressed some supporters of the female politician to express their concern with the headquarters being associated with NYC and more in particular: Wall Street.

The new Brooklyn Heights office space, which Politico was the first to report on, has leased two full floors of the building to Clinton’s team.

The Politico report quoted soon-to-be Clinton staffer who requested anonymity as they were unauthorized to speak on behalf of a campaign which does not presently exist as having said that they were sleeping on their “brother’s couch and working out of Starbucks” while preparations are being made for salaries, campaign-issued apartments and other necessary infrastructure.

I’m sleeping on my brother’s couch and working out of Starbucks

James Carville, a Clinton loyalist and longtime Democratic operative, was quoted by Politico in the aforementioned report as having said that the “infrastructure is one of those things” that is “just enormous,” not something where you can just flip a switch and it’s on.

The infrastructure is one of those things, between setting up press, field, and fundraising — it’s just enormous

What are your thoughts on team Hillary Clinton’s move to Brooklyn Heights?

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