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Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster Arrested On Drug Charges

Deputy Chief Keith Foster

The second in command at the Fresno Police Department in California, Deputy Chief Keith Foster, has been arrested on federal drug charges following a year-long, joint investigation by the FBI and ATF, which alleges the deputy police chief’s involvement in the distribution of drugs including pills, heroin and marijuana.

In addition to the 51-year-old Fresno law enforcement officer’s arrest, federal authorities also arrested five others which KMPH Fox 26 reported to be 41-year-old Rafael Guzman, 48-year-old Randy Flowers, 35-year-old Jennifer Donebedian, Dennis Foster, and Sarah Ybarra; the latter two of which were picked up by authorities late on Thursday evening.

Guzman faces charges of conspiring with Foster in the distribution of heroin.

Mr. Flowers, a relative of the deputy chief, has been accused of conspiring with Foster to distribute a powerful opioid which is sold under brand names such as Oxycontin, Percocets and Roxicodone.

Donebedian was arrested for selling marijuana.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer indicated that he had learned of Foster’s involvement in the federal drug conspiracy investigation following his Thursday morning arrest.

Dyer stressed that all of the accused drug conspirators were innocent until proven guilty. He was quoted by KMPH as having said that there’s “a lot of responsibility that goes with” wearing the badge and that it’s “important to do everything we can to maintain and enhance the trust that our citizens have within us.

When we place this badge on our chest it’s a badge of honor. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with that. It is important to do everything we can to maintain and enhance the trust that our citizens have within us.

The Fresno police chief indicated that Foster has been stripped of his powers as a peace officer, turned in his department issued gun, and is now on paid leave, ABC 7 Chicago reported.

In Pennsylvania, a state trooper is suing the Pittsburgh police after he was allegedly kicked in the groin, punched, pushed and arrested by local cops following a brawl at his brother’s wedding reception.

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