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Muscle Mass Lost After 2 Weeks Of No Exercise, Study Claims

Exercising Study

Researchers behind a new study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology have discovered that after 14 days of not exercising, a loss in cardiovascular fitness becomes apparent.

Not only does cardiovascular fitness begin to slide after just a couple of weeks, but insulin sensitivity and lean muscle mass begin to take a dip as well.

While taking a break for a couple of weeks is not advisable, missing a week or so is acceptable, as short breaks are at times beneficial as the human body requires rest and recovery.

As a general rule of thumb, the more in shape you are, the longer it’ll take for your muscles to turn to flab, according to Dr. James Ting, a board-certified sports medicine physician with Hoag Orthopedic Institute who was quoted in a CNN report published earlier today.

The report quoted Ting as having said that both the “body and mind” require time to recover “in order to achieve optimal performance” and that failing to recognize this reality as well as “training too hard can lead to fatigue” and underperformance.

Your body and mind both need time to recover for overall health and in order to achieve optimal performance […] Failing to recognize this and training too hard can lead to fatigue and, ironically, underperformance, the so-called overtraining syndrome.

The type of exercise you miss when you skip exercising is important, according to experts, as the “fast twitch” muscles used in strength training aren’t used during your time off, however, in the case of “slow twitch” muscles used in endurance training, they’re in use regardless of whether or not you’re hitting the gym for a workout because they’re used in normal activities including walking as well as sitting.

In an unrelated study published here on Immortal News back on March 7, 2015, researchers found that exercising is likely to inspire your spouse to do the same.

What does your workout regiment entail?

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