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Gardell Martin Revived By Doctors After Having No Pulse For Over An Hour

Toddler Dies Comes Back To Life

A 22-month-old Pennsylvania boy  Gardell Martin, who died after he slipped into a fast-moving stream and was swept away with the current — came back to life after he was resuscitated by a team of some 30 doctors and nurses who performed CPR on him for 101 uninterrupted minutes before his heart started beating again.

The continuous CPR commenced mere moments after an ambulance arrived on the scene where a neighbor had found his lifeless body floating in the icy waters about a quarter mile downstream from where he had fallen in.

His body was found caught on a tree branch with water gushing around him and when he arrived at the hospital, his body temperature was more than 22 degrees below average with a recorded temperature 77 degrees.

The Detroit Free Press quoted Dr. Frank Maffei, director of the pediatric intensive care unit at Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Danville, as having said that the “stars and moon aligned” in regards to the boy’s “extraordinary” recovery.

It’s not only extraordinarily rare that we got the kid back, but what’s even more extraordinary is the rate at which he recovered and the completeness of his recovery […] The stars and moon aligned, and he had an angel on his shoulder.

The toddler returned home from the hospital on March 15 and as of this week, doctors claim he’s made a full recovery.

Gardell and his 7-year-old brother Greg were playing outside on March 11 when the younger of the two fell into the water and swept away. Greg ran into the house and screamed that he couldn’t find his little brother.

The mother of the two boys, Rose Martin, quickly searched the property before realizing that he’d likely fallen into the creek, which had swelled with the melting snow. She called emergency services by dialing 911 while her two teenage daughters searched downstream for the youngster.

The boy’s mother called his revival an “act of God” and “a miracle.”

It was an act of God […] There is no doubt in my mind it’s a miracle. God had the right people in the right place at the right time and they all did a wonderful job.

A teenager in Missouri named John Smith drowned in icy waters after falling into a pond where he was submerged for 15-minutes before doctors brought him back to life.

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