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Magic Leap Releases New Augmented-Reality Video Game Trailer

Magic Leap Augmented Reality Game

The secretive Florida-based startup company working on augmented-reality goggles was scheduled to showoff this new minute-and-a-half video clip at this week’s TED conference in Vancouver, British Colombia, but instead they cancelled their appearance and published the video on their YouTube channel.

The video, which was published on March 19, 2015, has already received well over 4,000 “likes” on YouTube where it’s been viewed more than 1.17 million times.

In the company’s new trailer — which is titled “Just another day in the office at Magic Leap” on YouTube where it was uploaded — a user can be seen watching a YouTube video titled “1001 Cutest Cat Moments” before pushing it off to the side of the screen where it’s tacked while the user opens their email, scans their inbox, and then opens up an augmented-reality first-person shooter (FPS) and begins to play an impressive in-office virtual reality video game.

The game appears to entail fending off waves of robotic attackers with hi-tech weaponry and the assistance of the occasional perk such as an automated turret.

When the game begins, the user has the option of selecting from five different weapons, all of which materialize on a nearby office table shortly after the game has been initialized. The user then selects a weapon and pops off a test shot followed by a quick chuckle before proceeding to engage robot attackers, throw down a turret and zap some bots before a relatively large tank-esque attacker comes crashing through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man.

CNET indicated in a report that the Magic Leap company has received $542 million in venture capital funding from companies which include Google in order to develop Hollywood-quality augmented reality in which interactive digital images are superimposed onto the physical world around us.

In other recent augmented-reality coverage here on Immortal News, NASA has teamed up with the Osterhout Design Group to create an augmented-reality system for astronauts.

What do you think of Magic Leap’s new augmented reality video game trailer?

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