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Tesla Brings Model S Closer To Autonomous Driving With Latest Update

Tesla Model S Safety Features Update

Tesla Motors is one step closer to a car with autonomous capabilities with its latest software update for the Model S which enhances the vehicle’s active safety features.

The software latest update, version 6.2, will be streamed over the air in an example of the company’s ability to update their hi-tech automobiles on the fly with the latest improvements from their engineers.

The automobile maker confirmed the improvements in a tweet to their more than 518K Twitter followers.

While the company didn’t indicate exactly when the update would be released, they confirmed in a tweet that it would be “soon.”

Back in 2014, the electric car manufacturer was prohibited from selling directly to consumers in the state of New Jersey, however, Governor Chris Christie signed a bill on Wednesday which reverses the decision, allowing the electric car maker to open a maximum of four direct-sale dealerships in the state.

In a tweet, the company’s billionaire founder and CEO Elon Musk said that “the public may outlaw” human-driven cars once self-driving cars are safer than their predecessors.

The last update to the Tesla Model S, which literally has an “Insane Mode” which unlocks the cars true potential, covered here on Immortal News indicated that the update shaved ~0.1 seconds off the P85D’s already impressive 0-60 mph acceleration time. The Model S P85 also saw a slight improvement to its acceleration as a result of the update, which like this latest safety enhancing update, was streamed through the air directly to customers’ vehicles.

Are you excited to see Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors produce a completely autonomous car?

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