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Change Your Eyes From Brown To Blue For $5,000 With This California Company’s New Procedure

Brown To Blue Laser Eye Surgery

A company in California has developed a new laser eye treatment which can change the color of a person’s eyes from brown to blue by disturbing the melanin in the pigmented part of the eye, causing the body to eliminate it with time.

The procedure only lasts seconds, but CBS Boston reports that it might take as long as weeks for the blue tint to emerge. The report also indicates that the procedure is expected to cost around $5,000.

For the 17 percent of the world’s population that has blue eyes, this procedure might not spark intrigue, but as reports indicate that blue eye color is an attractive facial feature, there are surely those whose interests are piqued with this presently trending news story.

The laser eye treatment which turns brown eyes into blue eyes is not available in the United States, at least not yet, but it has been tested overseas with success.

Researchers studying the technique claim that the procedure is safe but must conduct additional clinical trials prior to applying for the FDA’s approval.

While the company, Stroma Medical, is still in the fundraising stage, Fox 6 reports that they hope to have clinical trials completed within several years.

Dr. Gregg Homer indicated to CNN that the “only difference between” a blue and brown eye is “the very thin layer of pigment on the surface.”

The fundamental principle is that under every brown eye is a blue eye […] The only difference between a brown eye a blue eye is this very thin layer of pigment on the surface.

To those of you who don’t have blue eyes reading coverage of this breakthrough treatment which makes colored contact lenses seem like a low-tech aesthetic accessory of the past, are you excited at the prospect of what this blue eye laser treatment option entails?

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