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Microsoft’s Xbox One Opened To App Developers

Xbox One Software Developer Kit

Microsoft is in the process of opening up the Xbox One to all app developers in a move which PC World reports brings the console closer to the Windows 10 space.

As of present, a limited group of developers have access to the Xbox Live SDK (software development kit) but the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, said on Wednesday at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) that it will soon be opened up to more and that Windows developers will have the ability to port their apps to the console.

The recent move towards interoperability is Microsoft’s attempt to make applications cross-compatible across all Microsoft devices.

Microsoft’s Xbox Wire blog indicated that the “SDK will provide access to the vast majority of Xbox Live services currently available on Xbox One, under a shared set of APIs, integrated with the Windows Store.”

Xbox Live and ID@Xbox are en route to Windows 10, according to an Engadget report published earlier today.

In other Microsoft news, Polygon reports that sources have confirmed that Phil Harrison will soon leave the company, however, Microsoft has declined to confirm whether or not their is any truth to these claims which appear to have originally been reported on the website.

Mr. Harrison, whose been a corporate vice president at Microsoft since 2012, declined to comment when approached by ID@Xbox director Chris Charla.

Windows 10 is intended to be the “Windows Universal App Platform” capable of integrating the entire Microsoft universe into a singular core operating system.

Are you excited about the Xbox Live SDK being released to what Xbox has referred to as a “broader set of developers” on their blog?

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