Hundreds Gather To Remember Malcolm X

Hundreds of people gathered at the same exact place where Malcolm X was killed by assassins 50 years ago. They gathered to hear speeches about his life, poetry to remember him by, prayers for him, and songs. Malcolm X was 39 years old when he was killed. Although he lived a short life, he is remembered by many for his activism and legacy he lived by. He was a civil rights leader for the rights of African Americans and Muslims everywhere.

According to the Washington Post on Feb. 21, the place everyone gathered to remember him at and the same place where he was assassinated is the Harlem ballroom. Another activist had this to say about Malcolm X and his legacy:

Malcolm is a transformational figure. His story is one of a life changed. He came out of the ghetto, like so many, but managed to raise himself up to be a leader with a global vision.

According to Voice of America News, one of his daughters was at the event celebrating his life as well along with other civil rights activists, and elected officials.

Malcom X was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Not only did he fight for black self-determination but he rejected integration. Many times, his acts put him at odds with other civil right activists and leaders. This even included Martin Luther King Jr.

Not only did he have a troubled childhood but he also went to prison for a while. Prison is where he met other Muslims and reformed his life through religious conversion and education.

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