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Plastic Jesus: The Man Behind The Drug Snorting Oscar Statue

A street artist from Los Angeles has made a provocative Oscar statue that looks like a statue snorting drugs. This man who made the Oscar statue goes by the name of Plastic Jesus and his sculpture is supposed to bring attention to all the drug abuse in Hollywood.

According to a report by CBS Los Angeles on Feb. 19, this statue is shown kneeling down on his knees snorting drugs. There is also a sign underneath that says, ‘Hollywood’s Best Party.’ According to Plastic Jesus, he says if his statue makes just one person get the help they need from drug abuse then his work is done. In fact, this is what he had to say about this:

We often hear about it when a high-profile celebrity perhaps goes into rehab. People like directors, producers, hair and make-up people, electricians, sound guys and so on, these people don’t get the care, the treatment that the high-profile people can access.

The statue was placed on Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday where many people took a second look at it just to see if they were seeing things right. However, Plastic Jesus’ team had to take the statue down just a few hours later because people started calling the Chamber of Commerce on them.

Apparently, last year, Plastic Jesus created a sculpture that looked like it had a needle stuck in its arm. This statue was made right after actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman died from a drug overdose.

According to the LA Times, the Oscar’s even have their own drinking game. The report says what is more fun than watching the Oscar’s with your friends? Drinking and watching the Oscar’s with your friends.  This just goes to show that there is a drug and alcohol problem in Hollywood. Take Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus for examples. These are just two ladies who have drug and alcohol problems and have been in rehab.

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