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En Vogue Members Being Sued For Breach Of Contract

A few of the members of En Vogue are being sued by their former manager because they breached their contract with the record label. The members being sued include Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis, and a former member who is no longer with the group, Maxine Jones. They are being sued for a whopping $310 million.

According to Music Week on Feb. 17, they apparently signed on with their manager, Rene Moore who is the owner of Rufftown Entertainment. The group started recording in 1989 and recorded a number of hits over the next few years including ‘My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It’) and ‘Whatta Man.’ Apparently, Rufftown Entertainment says they signed on with another recording label while they were still signed on with him. This is a breach of their contract and the reason they are being sued. They are also being sued for negligence, interference, and fraud.

According to TMZ, the record label, Rufftown Entertainment fronted the group $190 million to get started. However, according to Moore, they didn’t do anything they were supposed to that was in the contract including touring, making an album, and then signed on with Pyramid Records in 2014.

Moore says the group has cost him a lot of money and he is not only suing them but he also wants Pyramid Records to fork out a bunch of money for the money he lost. He is actually suing Pyramid Records for over $100 million.

Former member, Maxine Jones was replaced in 2012 by Rhonda Bennett. The defendants for the lawsuit include En Vogue Enterprises, Herron, Ellis, their newest member, Rhonda Bennett, their lawyer, Allen Jacobi, and Pyramid Records. However, Jones has actually been excluded from the lawsuit because Moore says she performed her obligations under the contract.

After Jones was replaced, she formed her own En Vogue group in 2012 after she left the group and another original member, Dawn Robinson, went along with her until a judge ruled that the n name of the group belonged to Herron and Ellis.

Although the group is no longer together, Robinson has moved on to a reality show called, ‘R&B Divas LA’ and Jones went out on her own with a solo career.

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