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Chatty Cognitoy Dino Listens And Talks To Your Kids

IBM has done it again. They have created a toy dinosaur that listens to your kids and then responds to them. Apparently, this Cognitoy dino is able to learn your child’s personality and talk to them based on what it learns from then when they talk to it.

According to a report by Mashable on Feb. 16, this new toy has a computer built into it and is even connected to the Internet. With the parent’s consent, the toy stores information when your child talks to it and learns how to respond. It is actually like talking to another person. The voice, however, sounds like a version between Star War’s sensei and a dinosaur. According to the report, it sounds like Barney and the Star War’s sensei.

How it works is the child talks to the toy. The toy then listens, learns the child’s personality, and responds. The toy can even tell jokes to the child and can even quiz them. IBM also plans on providing the parents with an app on their phone which they can use to keep track of their child’s progress. The information stored will also not be shared with anyone without parental consent.

According to Venture Beat, IBM is working with Elemental Path to create the toy. They have also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money to be able to launch the toy. They are hoping to raise at least $50,000 to help with their campaign. They did not report how much the toy will cost though.

IBM says the success of the campaign not only relies on Kickstarter but also if the parents will be interested in purchasing a smart toy like this for their children.

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