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Your ‘Legacy Contact’ Will Manage Your Facebook Account After Your Death

You might think and hope that after you pass away, the world will stop with you but it really won’t. Everything goes on after you die the same way it was before you pass away, even Facebook. Yes, Facebook will still go on with the drama that it is. Have you ever wondered what will happen to your Facebook account after your time is up? Well, now Facebook has what they call, ‘Legacy Contact.’ The ‘Legacy Contact’ will be your chosen person who will manage your account for you after it is your turn to pass away.

You might be wondering what the ‘Legacy Contact’ will do for you after your death. According to Newsweek on Feb. 12, your chosen person will not only post for you, accept new friend requests, and will be able to update your profile photo. This is, of course, all optional for you, however. If you don’t want to have someone keep your Facebook account open and manage it for you, you can get in touch with Facebook and ask to have your account deleted after your time is up.

It is easy to set the ‘Legacy Contact’ up too. Just go to settings and security and choose ‘Legacy Contact’ at the bottom of the page. Once you decide on whether you want a ‘Legacy Contact’ you also have the option of sending them a message letting them know they are your chosen person. Not only this but you also have the option to allow your chosen ‘Legacy Contact’ to download an archive of your posts, profile, and even posts you have shared on Facebook while you were still alive.

According to PC Mag, the chosen contact will not, however, have access to your private messages or have the ability to post as the user.

Who will your chosen ‘Legacy Contact’ be? Have you already decided on someone? What do you think about this new Facebook feature? Will you be using it or choosing the option to have your account closed after your death? Sound off with your opinion about this in the comment section below and let everyone know what you think about this new feature.

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