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Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Ending Revealed

Is everyone ready for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? The premiere starts in theaters Friday, Feb. 13. However, some theaters will be showing it the night before in an advanced showing. Everyone is getting so excited about seeing the movie that they are re-reading the book. Even men are getting into it by taking their girlfriends or wives to see the movie. 29 year old Meghan Daly even said her boyfriend is ‘taking one for the team.’

My boyfriend just sent me a confirmation email with tickets for Valentine’s Day. I don’t think he’s a willing participant, but he’s taking one for the team.

According to the Boston Globe, people have been waiting for almost three years to see the movie and it is finally premiering Thursday and Friday. One lady was at a loss for words while she was trying to find the words to capture the mood. She finally said.

I don’t think anyone has been this giggly and excited since ‘Titanic.’

The book has already sold more than one hundred million copies worldwide and now the movie is almost finally here. Now that the movie is finally going to be premiered Friday with the advanced showing on Thursday, according to Hollywood Life, the ending has been revealed as well. Well, not exactly the ending, but the last word has been revealed and although everyone might this it would be ‘red’, the couple’s code word, it isn’t. Actually, the very last word to be spoken on the movie is, ‘stop.’

The author has demanded that the last word to be spoken is to be ‘stop.’ Everyone may be wondering why and the reason this is the last word is because, apparently, Anastasia says ‘stop’ to Christian because she is stopping their relationship in its tracks, even if temporarily. Could this mean there might be a sequel to the movie? Perhaps, but if the director would have had his way, the last word would have been ‘red’ which signifies Anastasia’s pain threshold.

If anyone has been following the PR for the book and now the movie, then everyone already knows the probability of there being a sequel. In fact, Dakota Johnson who plays Anastasia  had an interview with Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show and was asked if she would be up for a sequel. She answered that it was definitely an idea and she nodded and smiled.

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