Boston Gets Hit With More Snow As Winter Drags On

Boston, Massachusetts has gotten its third major snow storm in just three weeks now. As of Saturday, the city had a total of 37 inches on the ground already which beat out a record that was made back in 1996. This isn’t the only record the city beat though. Just within the last 30 days, they have beaten the 1978 record of 58.8 inches between Jan. and Feb. of 1978 since they got 69 inches this winter just in these past 30 days. However, the total amount of snow they have had since winter began has now reached a total of 73.9 inches and counting since the snow fall hasn’t stopped yet.

According to NBC News on Feb. 9, the National Weather Service has forecast a total of three feet by Tuesday night when the storm is supposed to stop. The mayor of Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh had this to say about all this snow they are getting:

We’ve never seen the likes of this here in Boston. We’ve gotten whacked pretty good over the last, literally, 13 days.

According to USA Today, The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority had already cancelled the subways, trolleys, and commuter rail services as of 7 p.m. Monday evening and said they would remain closed Tuesday while the road crew checks and repairs the snow damaged equipment.

Boston hasn’t been the only one getting hit with lots of snow, though. Quincy, Cohasset, and Weymouth, Massachusetts has already received two feet of snow. Another state, Bangor, Maine reported having 53 inches of snow so far in the last 30 days. This city hasn’t seen this much snowfall since 1969. However, the states getting hit the hardest, according to David Manning, The meteorologist for The National Weather Service, included not only Massachusetts, but Southern Vermont, and Southern New Hampshire as well.

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