John Smith Drowns, Comes Back To Life As Mother Prays

A teenager in St. Louis, Missouri was without a pulse for nearly 45 minutes before he came back to life in what what one doctor, Dr. Jeremy Garrett, called a “bonafide miracle” after he not only came back to life, but his bran functions returned to normal, NBC News reported.

The only factors medically that were really in John’s favor is that this was a cold-water drowning […] It’s a bonafide miracle.

The 14-year-old John Smith’s mother, Joyce, walked into the trauma room where doctors at SSM St. Joseph Hospital West had been attempting to resuscitate him for 27 minutes and began praying loudly, at which point Dr. Kent Sutterer says “his heart heart started again” within just a couple of minutes.

Within a matter of a minute or two, his heart started again.

KSDK Channel 5 News indicated in a tweet that the teen who had fallen through the “icy pond” had made a “miraculous” recovery.

The eight grader, John, said he “doesn’t remember much” about what happened to him, but he admitted that he was “pretty surprised” by the outcome “after listening to what the paramedics and doctors said,” WPTV reported. The report indicated that he’s already walking, talking and trying to make sense of how he’s not only alive, but thriving after having been submerged for 15 minutes.

The boy fell through the frozen lake on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He was one of three 14-year-old boys who fell through the ice together.

Dr. Kent Stutterer of St. Joseph Hospital said that everyone had indicated that the cold had helped him.

Everybody says the cold helped him. He was dead for 45 minutes.

The boy’s mother, Joyce, was quoted by WPTV as having said that she doesn’t remember everything she said, but she does remember asking God to send his holy spirit to save her son.

I don’t remember what all I said, but I remember holy God, please send your holy spirit to save my son. I want my son, please save him. And they hadn’t been getting a pulse at that time, so all of a sudden I heard them saying, we got a pulse, we got a pulse

What do you think, is the boy’s recovery the “bonafide miracle” Dr. Garrett claims it is?

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