‘Professor Dumpster’ Moves Out Of Dumpster After Experiment

A professor from a Texas University that everyone is now calling, ‘Professor Dumpster’ has moved out of the dumpster that he had put on the campus last year. This was all for an experiment to show that anyone can live with less. According to a report by NewsMax on Feb. 6, although the professor didn’t stay there for a whole year, he did live in the on-campus dumpster for 250 nights out of the year. However, the nights he didn’t sleep there, some of the students from the University did.

Most average homes in America are about 2,400 square feet when this dumpster that housed the professor and some of the students was only 33 square feet. Imagine living in a small area like this for 250 days and nights without anything more than a typewriter and air conditioning. That is just two of the things the professor lived with but he also had solar panels installed and of course, he had a bed in the dumpster to be able to sleep comfortably.

This dumpster living was all to raise student awareness about how anyone can live with less. He has also decided to leave the dumpster on the campus so that other professor’s, teachers, and even other students can try the living with less experiment. In fact, according to a report by DB Techno, ‘Professor Dumpster’ had this to say:

We are launching what we call a dumpster home school. So under that effort teachers and educators can spend a night in here. Walk home, back to the classroom with curriculum on sustainability about living on less.

Wednesday actually marked the one year, ‘Dumpsterversary’ for the dumpster being on campus. The professor actually plans on adding another story to it one day soon.

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