911 Dispatcher Tells Teen To Stop Whining During Call

A 38 year old man and his family were riding in the car in Maryland last weekend when they got a flat tire.  38 year old Rick Warren and his fiancee got out of the car to change the tire, his fiancee held the flashlight, when a car struck them both. His teenage daughter called 911 right away to report the accident. According to a report by Valley News Live on Feb. 5, when the teenage girl called 911 to get help, the dispatcher literally told her to stop whining.

Here is how the conversation went and you can also listen to it by watching the video on this page:

Caller: Can you all please hurry Up?

Operator: Ma’am stop yelling, I need a location. So, two people were struck?

Caller: Yes, they both laying, they’re just laying there.

Operator: OK, let’s stop whining. OK, let’s stop whining. It’s hard to understand you.

Caller: They just laying here. They are just laying here, nothing. They are just laying here.

Operator: Is there someone else there I can talk to, because it’s so hard…

Caller: It’s only my little brother and I’m talking better than him right now.

According to CBS News, 38 year old Rick Warren died from the accident but his fiancee survived with non-life threatening injuries. However, the dispatcher has been moved to another area of the building and will no longer be taking 911 calls. Although the dispatcher was rude during this phone call, the fire department said that this did not disrupt their time getting to the scene.

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