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Google Glass Is Broken, But Not Dead Yet

Although everyone has seemed really excited about Google Glass maybe hitting the store shelves soon, it has now broken and been put away for a little while. Although it isn’t quite dead yet, it seems to be getting there slowly but surely. According to a report by CNet on Feb. 4, Google Glass has been put back into the lab one month before it was to be on sale for the public. Yes, and even though that sentence says on sale, that doesn’t mean the price was going to be cheap. For those who were willing to pay the price to test Glass, they had to pay a whopping $1,500 just to do so.

A report by The New York Times had this to say about Google Glass being placed back into the lab for further testing:

The team within Google X knew the product wasn’t even close to ready for prime time.

Apparently, Glass has also gotten people into fights when they wore a pair in public. When people started wearing their pair of Glass in cars, bars, and even movie theaters, they started banning the wearable device from these places. This is because other people started calling those testing this device, ‘Glasshole’ and the fights would break out.

So, because of these problems that have come up with Glass, this new technology has now become a case study on how not to use them or wear them and where not to. Not only this, but over time, the project many of the employee’s at Google liked to call, ‘Google X,’ ended up losing people who were once interested in this wearable technology.

In fact, according to one of the employees of Google who is working on ‘Google X’:

There will be no public experimentation. Tony is a product guy and he’s not going to release something until its perfect.

So, we will all have to wait for Google Glass to be researched more before it will be released to the public once and for all. Hopefully by that time, they will realize that the price tag will need to be reduced before most of us will want to buy it.

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