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Club Nintendo Is Closing Its Doors: Trade In Your Coins For Games

Although Club Nintendo is closing its doors in a few months and many members might not know what to do with all of their coins they have racked up since the club was started, gamers can now trade in those coins they have collected for different Nintendo games. According to a report by EnGadget on Feb. 3, Nintendo is adding 117 new games to their catalog for Club Nintendo members to get with the coins they do currently have. This is one way you could say the club is going out with a bang.

Many Nintendo gamers might have a ton of coins that they don’t know what to do with but a gamer can cash in 150 of their hard earned coins for Super Mario Land and some other 3DS virtual console game titles. However, gamers only have until June 30 to cash in those coins they have saved up to get some seriously awesome games in exchange. This is why serious Nintendo gamers will need to put their controller down and head on over to Club Nintendo to cash their coins in quick.

According to The Mary Sue, gamers will have to register some of their games and take some surveys to do this, however. That doesn’t seem too hard to do when we are talking 117 games they are adding to be exchanged for those coins. Although gamers will have until June 30 to exchange their coins for these awesome games, they only actually have until March 31 to earn any extra coins they want so they can get as many games as possible.

Not only are there new games being added but if you are a gamer that is into the retro type games, you are in for a treat because they are adding some of the oldies but goodies to the collection as well. There will be a ton of Nintendo 64 games added as well as newer games for the 3DS. Some for the 3DS include Donkey Kong County Returns 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, and even Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Just make sure to head over to Club Nintendo and register some of your games, take some surveys, and trade in some of those coins you have for some seriously awesome new and old games.

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