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Suge Knight Rushed To The Hospital During Arraignment

It has been all over the news about Suge Knight being charged with murder and attempted murder from the hit and run crash he was in with his truck. Since there is a three-strike law, meaning he has had three felonies, he is now facing life in prison if he is convicted of the murder and attempted murder charges. Knight went in for his arraignment on Tuesday, and according to a report by ABC News on Feb.3, he was rushed to the hospital because he was complaining of chest pains. However, currently his condition is not known yet.

Witnesses say they saw Knight hitting two men with his truck. According to CNN, the witnesses also say they saw him back over the two men intentionally. One man, 55 year old Terry Carter, who was a close friend of Knight’s died from the hit and run while the other man, Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan’ was hospitalized but is alright.

According to this news story on Immortal News, Knight’s lawyer says that Knight was just trying to get away from an attack when the fatal hit and run crash occurred. He says although Knight is apologetic for his old friend dying from the crash, it was not Knight’s fault. However, because the eyewitness statements said that Knight intentionally backed over the victims a second time with his Ford F-150 truck, he has been charged with murder and attempted murder and is now facing the rest of his life behind bars.

Suge Knight is 49 years old and is responsible for getting many of the hottest rap stars started such as Tupac Shakur and many more. Knight is also the owner of Death Row Records. He is expected back in court on Feb. 9 and the judge will decide whether or not he will get to get out on bail on that day. Currently, his $2.2 million bail has been revoked due to the court thinking he is a flight risk as well as because of him being a three strike candidate. Also, his criminal past has been taken into account and issues with witness intimidation.

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