Man From Detroit Walked 21 Miles To And From Work Every Day

A man from Detroit, Michigan was walking 21 miles to and from work every day. Many people may wonder why he just didn’t find a job closer to home and the answer to that is, he enjoyed the people he worked with too much to find another job. Apparently, his car broke down 10 years ago and he has been walking to work ever since. Since he walked so many miles to and from work, rain, snow, or sunshine, he was getting very little sleep and he would end up sleeping on the bus that he did take so far to work. The bus ride he did take only went so far so he had to walk the rest of the way. However, according to a report by CNN, donations have been pouring in for this man, 56 year old James Robertson. So far, there have been many kind-hearted people donating money to the GoFundMe site that someone had set-up and the goal at first was to raise at least $5,000 but it has surpassed that goal and has reached up to $125,000 already. 19 year old Evan Leedy is the man who set-up the GoFundMe fundraising site to help bring in these donations from everyone. Leedy had this to say about setting up the GoFundMe site to help raise these donations for Robertson:

Every penny will help James in any way that he needs it.

Two other GoFundMe pages were set-up for Robertson as well and once Leedy found out about the other two, he contacted the founders of those pages and asked them to join fundraising with him so that they could all help him with the money he needs.

According to the plant manager of the factory Robertson works at, although he has to walk to and from work every single day, he hasn’t missed even one day of work in the whole 10 years he has been walking since his car broke down.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Robertson only makes about $10.55 per hour and because of this, he can’t afford to buy another car. The money that has been donated so far for Robertson will go towards buying a new car as well as for gas, maintenance, and for the insurance he will need to keep on the car. Not only is Robertson getting this money from all of these kind people who have donated so far, but Rogers Chevrolet in Woddhaven, Michigan, is offering to give him a free 2014 Chevrolet Cruz or Sonic since a sales manager there came across his story.

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