Little Girl Not Allowed To Take Mom To Father-Daughter Dance

An 8-year-old girl from Lawson, Missouri by the name of Meghan is no longer allowed to take her own mother to the father-daughter dance she was invited to at school that will be going on Feb. 6. At first she was allowed but now, because the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) found out she was going to bring her mother to the dance, after the principal told her mother she was allowed to go with her daughter, they refused to allow it to happen. According to a report by The Spread It on Jan. 31, the little girl’s mother called the principal first to ask if she would be allowed to go to the dance with her daughter since Meghan doesn’t have her father in her life. Her father left when she was much younger. The principal did say that she could attend the school event with her daughter and both of them were thrilled and even went out to buy dresses for this special event.

Although the principal did say she could attend the father-daughter dance with her daughter since she has no father figure in her life at all, the PTO found out that Meghan and her mother would be attending instead of Meghan and a male father figure. They sent a note home to her mother explaining that she couldn’t attend after all with Meghan and the reason why.

According to DB Techno, although the PTO did give Meghan’s mother different options, the girl’s mother said they didn’t even offer her a chaperone position. Meghan’s mother refused all other offers and had this to say about why she was upset about this situation:

One option they gave was that they [the PTO] would find a male substitute to take her, which was out of the question. She told me that she didn’t want to make kids feel like outcasts. But where did my daughter fit in all of this? They didn’t even offer me a chaperone position.

Although the Principal refused to take phone calls and make a comment about it, the president of the PTO had this to say about Shawna Steeves, Meghan’s mom, and her wanting to attend the dance with Meghan and why she couldn’t:

Our PTO works very hard at creating events that give ample opportunity for all families to [participate] in throughout the year. Regarding the situation with this event there were several options given to this family and all families so that all Southwest elementary school aged girls are welcome to attend regardless of their family situation. Our goal is to keep this special event authentic. We offer many other events that are family oriented. Examples would be muffins with mom and donuts with dad, the family 5 k walk/run, pancakes with Santa, Trunk or treat and our mother son challenge. We are very proud of our organization and what we do for the students and our community.

However sad this may be for little Meghan and however upset her mother is, nothing can be done since the PTO created the evnent, according to the superintendent of the school. Since nothing can be done, a member of the Missouri Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association, Antonio DeLaCruz, found out about this situation with Meghan and her mother and has announced that he will be organizing ‘Meghan’s Dance’ which will allow those children whose moms are either single or widowed, to have a dance of their own. Although it is really open to all students and they can bring any parent or adult role model they want to bring, it is mainly for those kids who don’t have a father figure in their life.

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