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Shooting At Omaha, NE House Party: Three People Dead, Others Wounded

A shooting occurred at a vacant house party in Omaha, Nebraska early Saturday morning. According to a report by the North Platte Telegraph on Jan. 25, three people were killed and five others were wounded during the shooting. None of the witnesses will come forward either since police think it might have been gang related. There were at least 50 people in and around the vacant home when the shots were fired. Police are now investigating to determine if it was, indeed, gang related or not.

Police say there were multiple shooters and most of the witnesses have refused to come forward to say what they know so far. The police said they understand people are afraid but they are asking people to please come forward with what they know so the shooters can be caught.

The three people who were killed include 19 year old Jakela Foster, 24 year old Latesha Fox, who died suddenly from gun-shot wounds and the third victim, 26 year old Cameron Harris died several hours later. 5 people were wounded. Police are unsure right now if the victims were intended to be shot or just innocent bystanders.

According to The Blaze, Jakela Foster’s mother, Kristina Young, said her boyfriend received a phone call from his aunt to let them know about the shooting at the vacant house where the party was going on. Although Foster’s mother told her not to go because she said she had a feeling something bad would happen and Jakela told her mother she was not going to go, she ended up going anyway. Young stood outside of the house where the shooting happened until they brought her daughter’s body outside. She had this to say about the shooting and her daughter’s death:

I’ve been in Omaha long enough to know generally what happens at these parties.

She also had this to say to the person who pulled the trigger and killed her daughter, the other two young victims, and wounded 5 others, while fighting back tears:

To the person who pulled the trigger, I want to say it’s just senseless. It just needs to stop. I now have a 1-year-old grandson that has no mother.

Although the police have not released any other information, they did report that the 5 who were wounded are in stable condition in the hospital currently. Also, two people have been arrested so far on disorderly conduct.

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