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Rapper Tiny Doo Could Face Longer Prison Sentence Over Song Lyrics

Although Rapper Tiny Doo, real name, Brandon Duncan, has already served 8 months in prison, he may be getting 25 years to life just for some song lyrics on one of his albums. According to a report by CNN on Jan. 23, this is all because of a California statute that makes it illegal to be in a gang, know about criminal activity by the gang, and even receive any kinds of benefits from being in the gang. It is the last part that may get him more time in prison. This is because prosecutors think he got popular with his music because of his gang status. However, Tiny Doo is saying that he is not in any gang.

The whole thing that is making prosecutors point the finger at him for several shootings that occurred in 2013 is coming from certain song lyrics on his album, ‘No Safety.’ On this album, the song lyrics they are suggesting he is admitting to gang activity are:

Aint no safety on this pistol I’m holding.

This is what Tiny Doo had to say about this.

The studio is my canvas. I’m just painting a picture. I’m not telling anybody to go out and kill somebody.

According to News Max, a law professor from the Thomas Jefferson School of law says that this may be violating constitutional issues including freedom of speech.

Tiny Doo also says he would love to continue to rap but he says these people have him scared to do anything around there. The legal analyst for CNN, Mark Geragos said:

The problem is you’re going to run straight head-on into the First Amendment. If they don’t have anything other than the album, this case I don’t think would ever stand up.

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