Arrest Warrant Issued For David Gregory From ‘Meet The Press’

An arrest Affidavit has been issued for David Gregory from NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’ According to a report by the Daily Caller on Jan. 23, Gregory held up a high powered ammunition gun magazine during a 2012 ‘Meet the Press’ segment about gun control when he was told he would be violating Washington DC’s gun laws by doing so. According to the report, NBC sent a letter to Washington DC’s Metro Police Department asking if it was against the law. The police responded back saying it is against the law for him to even hold a piece of ammunition from a gun even if it was empty. NBC was told they could do so in photographs at least. However, they allowed him to do so anyway and a recent arrest warrant was issued for Gregory for NBC allowing him to perform the stunt after they were told not to.

According to US News, Gregory was interviewing the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre when he held up the high powered gun ammunition magazine and asked LaPierre if they should be banned. However, because NBC was told they were not to allow him to do this and to show photograph’s instead, he is in the hot seat with DC’s Metro Police Department now. Although an arrest warrant has been issued for him, no files have been charged against him yet. If any files are to be charged, Gregory is looking at one year in jail and a fine up to $1,000. The Metro Police do recommend files to be charged against him for violating the law to have an ammunition magazine, whether it is empty or not.

After NBC sent the police a request to find out if holding the ammunition gun magazine would be legal to air on the show, this is what the police replied to them:

No, possession of high capacity magazines is a misdemeanor under Title #7 of the DC code. We would suggest utilizing photographs for their presentation.

NBC allowed Gregory to do the stunt anyway and now he could be facing some jail time and even a fine if charges are filed.

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