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Young Georgia Boy Receives Star Wars Prosthetic Arm

A 7 year old boy from Augusta, Georgia received a Star Wars themed prosthetic arm on Saturday. According to a report by New York Daily News on Jan. 14, the 7 year old was born without the lower part of his left hand. However, with the help of designer John Peterson, a 3-D Printer, and E-Nable which is a non-profit organization that provides prosthetics by using a 3-D Printer and a designer. the young boy got his new Star Wars themed prosthetic arm. John Peterson designed the prosthetic arm and made it with the 3-D Printer. Now, because the young Georgia boy has this new Star Wars themed prosthetic arm, he can grip things and use it almost like a real arm. Also, because it is made with plastic parts, it can be fitted for the growing child.

Not only did little Liam Porter receive this cool prosthetic arm that was made to look like one of the Star Wars costumes, but he was also fitted for one of his own commander helmets. Also, some people who dressed up in Star Wars costumes attended the party at the movie theater in Georgia where the prosthetic arm was given to the young boy. Those wearing the Star Wars costumes actually were there representing the 501st Georgia Garrison.

According to the Huffington Post, little Liam’s grandfather had this to say about his grandson receiving the prosthetic arm and commander helmet:

That’s something he is going to remember for the rest of his life.

His mother, Ryan Porter had this to say about it:

Every day he was saying, ‘Oh if I had my helper arm, maybe I could do it with that. It will make a lot of little things easier.’

Not only did the young boy receive the prosthetic arm and the commander helmet from people who were dressed up in Star Wars costumes but they also gave him a ‘Friend of Garrison’ certificate to make him a part of their crew.

Little Liam wasn’t the only one to receive such great gifts. A 16 year old from South Sudan also received his own prosthetic arm from an American Doctor using a 3-D Printer to make it for him. This boy lost both his arms from an Antonov bomb, last year. Also last year, a 6 year old boy received his own prosthetic arm since he was born without most of his right arm.

Little Liam’s prosthetic arm only cost about $300 to design and make whereas one made from other places would have cost thousands of dollars.

What do you think about this? Don’t you think this is really cool? Sound off with your opinion on this in the comments section below and let everyone know what you think about this. 

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