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ISIS Kazakhstan Killer Child Appears To Execute Spies [Video]

ISIS Child Killer Video Still

In a video released Tuesday by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, the group shows the apparent execution of two men by a young boy. The men in the video are accused of being Russian spies.

The multilingual production wing of ISIS, al-Hayat, released the seven-and-a-half minute long video which begins with television news-style interviews with both men. The men confess to spying against ISIS in Turkey and Syria. The men are identified by name as agents of FSB, Russia’s premier spy agency. One of the men tells the interviewer that he was ordered to assassinate an ISIS leader, but the name of the leader is edited out of the video.

The killer kid in the video appears to be “less than 15 years old,” CBS News reported. CBS was unable to identify the boy, the bearded men, or the other men in the video. The news company was also unable to independently verify the authenticity of the video.

Both the adult jihadist as well as the boy, the young killer, appear to be of Asian descent.

The older jihadist says “Allah has gifted the Islamic State’s security agency with the apprehension of these two spies.” He then says that the men are “in the custody of the lion cubs of Khilafah” before proceeding to prompt the boy to execute the two alleged Russian spies by patting the boy on the shoulder. At this point, the video shows the boy shoot both of the men in the back of the head.

Allah has gifted the Islamic State’s security agency with the apprehension of these two spies.

No blood is visible on the bodies in the final shots of the execution sequence. After the sequence, the video transitions into a clip of an older video, released in November of 2014, in which the same boy can be seen expression his aspirations to become a “mujahid.” The older video shows the boy amongst other purported newcomers to ISIS territory, including other children as well as woman. Children in the older video, as young as six or seven, are shown being groomed to become future ISIS militants.

Russian news agency RIA Novosti indicated that a representative of the FSB had told them that it “does not comment on the publication of the video executions allegedly of their agents by the members of the Islamic state,” NY Daily News reported.

CBS News reported that ISIS has executed scores of people on both sides of the Iraq-Syria border, executions which have included American and European journalists, aid workers, rival militia, and soldiers from both Syria as well as Iraq.

The boy in the video, who calls himself Abdullah, indicates that he’s from Kazakhstan in his last video appearance. In the older video, the boy explains that he’s at an ISIS training camp for kids where he’s learning Arabic and various military skills. His goal, which he tells the interviewer in the first video is to grow up to execute nonbelievers, appears in the latest video to have been accomplished.

What do you think of Abdullah, the killer kid?

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