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North Korea Wants U.S. ‘To Provide Evidence’ In Sony Hack

In a rare denial issued by North Korea’s deputy United Nations ambassador, An Myong Hun, the rogue nation dismissed the U.S. government’s allegation that their country was behind the massive computer hacking of Sony Pictures. The deputy U.N. ambassador also told the U.S. government that North Korea wants them “to provide evidence” from the Sony hack.

My country has nothing to do with the Sony hacking. It is out of sense to do that, and we very want United States to provide evidence

The North Korean deputy ambassador to the U.N. also indicated that his country had requested to undertake a “joint investigation” with the U.S. into the hacking incident, CNN reported.

We even requested to United States to undertake joint investigation.

The FBI’s director, James Comey, stated earlier that he had “very high confidence” that North Korea was behind the attack, we reported previously here on Immortal News.

(There is) not much in this life that I have high confidence about. I have very high confidence about this attribution (against North Korea) — as does the entire intelligence community.

North Korea has been steadfast in their denial of any involvement in the cyber-attack.

In related news, The Guardian reported that the Atlanta-based firm behind the Glorious Leader! video game were the victim of “a hack inspired by the attack on Sony.” MoneyHorse, the game’s developer, said in a statement on the company’s Kickstarter page that the hackers had “destroyed data pertaining to Glorious Leader! and other projects” that were in development by the company. They also indicated that they had been “locked” out of their own computers and website.

Over the holidays we were victims of a hack inspired by the attack on Sony […] The hackers destroyed data pertaining to Glorious Leader! and other projects we had in development and locked us out of our own computers and website (sic).

Who do you think was responsible for hacking into Sony and causing all of this ruckus over The Interview movie?

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