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Washington Post Published A Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Depicting Muhammad

Washington Post Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

The Washington Post has published the latest cover of Charlie Hebdo which depicts an image of the prophet Muhammad.

The image was published Monday night on the “Comic Riffs” Post blog, The Washington Post‘s media reporter, Paul Farhi reported. This report comes on the heels of the firebombing of a German newspaper, the Hamburger Morgenpost, which The Immortal News previously reported had been firebombed after printing Charlie Hebdo cartoons in their newspaper.

Fahri indicated that it had been published “despite criticism from conservative Muslims” who believe depictions of Muhammad to be both “blasphemous” as well as “offensive.”

despite criticism from conservative Muslims that such depictions are blasphemous and offensive.

The publication of the image was approved by Martin Baron, an executive editor at The Washington Post, who approved the image not only for publication on The Post’s blog, but also for publication in their newspaper. Mr. Farhi indicated that this marks the first time a depiction of Muhammad “has appeared in The Post’s news columns.”

Fahri indicated that Baron had said last week that the newspaper’s policy was to avoid publishing material which is “deliberately” offensive to religious groups, however, he indicated Monday that Charlie Hebdo’s new cartoon “did not meet that criterion.” Baron explained why publishing the image “doesn’t fall into that category.”

We’ve never maintained that simply publishing an image of Muhammad itself was offensive […] Our policy has been to avoid publication of material that is pointedly, deliberately or needlessly offensive to members of religious groups. That remains our policy, but this doesn’t fall into that category.

The new cartoon depicts a caricature of the prophet Muhammad who is crying behind a sign which reads:

Je suis Charlie

Charlie Hebdo is scheduled to print 3 million copies of this “special issue” of their satirical magazine which will depict the prophet Muhammad on the cover, Bloomberg reported.

What do you think of The Washington Post publishing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon depicting an image of the prophet Muhammad?

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