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Bill Cosby Heckled At Canadian Comedy Show, Jokes About Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby made one of his first comedy performances since the renewed allegations at a show Thursday night in London, Ontario. Rape allegations vexed the comedian as he was heckled.

Cosby made a rare reference to the allegations against him when a woman near the front row stood up and Cosby asked her where she was going. When she said she was going to get a drink, Cosby joked that she should be careful drinking around him, according to CNN.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”– Bill Cosby” author_title=”Comedian”]

You have to be careful about drinking around me.


The comment, which came midway through an otherwise lighthearted performance, drew boos followed by some cheering from the audience. The remark is likely to anger Cosby’s accusers wh have demanded a response to the allegations against him, according to CNBC News.

Minutes after the comment, a heckler yelled at Cosby “You are a rapist!” Cosby stood as the crowd booed the man, telling them not to respond to him. “No, no, stop,” Cosby said, waving his hands. The heckler was removed by police and Cosby later addressed the disruption in a statement.

In his statement, Cosby said that there was one outburst but more than 2,600 “loyal and courageous” fans enjoyed the show. Cosby thanked the theater staff, community and event organizers.

As with his Wednesday performance in Kitchener, Ontario, a small group of people gathered outside the Budweiser Arena in London to protest Cosby’s appearance, telling ticket holders they should be ashamed of themselves, according to People.

Nearly two dozen women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and assaulting them. The claims go back decades. Cosby’s attorney has called the allegations “unsubstantiated” and “ridiculous.”

Cosby has one more Canadian show which will take place Friday night in Hamilton, Ontario.

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