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A Look Into The Future: Mercedes Benz Unveils Self-Driving Car

Mercedes Benz has unveiled their new self-driving car called the ‘F015 Luxury in Motion.’ According to a report by Slate on Jan.6, Mercedes unveiled their new self-driving car, ‘F015 Luxury in Motion’ at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This car looks so futuristic that it is hard to believe that it is real, but it is. It is a better version of the self-driving car that Google designed. The one that Google designed looks like a toy cop car whereas this car that Mercedes Benz unveiled on Monday at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas has both luxury and technology in mind.

Anyone wanting to see pictures of the car can go here. This new self-driving car of the future has two driving modes in it, self-driving where the car drives itself and uses laser maps to map the road so it knows where it is going, and manual mode which allows for any of the passengers to take over and drive it instead if they wish to. The passenger seats also swivel 30 degrees to allow for anyone in the car to move the seats where they want to so they can relax or talk to the other passengers. When someone in the car decides they want to take over control of the car instead of letting it drive them, the seats swivel back to the front of the car where they will have control of it.

According to Daily Mail, the new car also has 26-inch-wheels that have been placed at the corners of the car to provide more room on the inside.  It is also made of high strength steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum for maximum safety. It also uses two different motors, one being an electric motor and the other being a hydrogen fuel cell. This new self-driving car of the future can drive up to 685 miles on one electric charge.

This car also has two LED lights on the front of it which let pedestrians know when they can cross in front of it. The makers of this car, Mercedes Benz have also provided high resolution touch screens on the doors to allow passengers to have access to its different features or to even see outside. Mercedes Benz has not revealed when the car will become available or even how much it will cost yet.

What are your thoughts on this new self-driving car? Don’t you think this car looks and sounds really nice? Would you drive one of these cars if they become available in your lifetime? Sound off with your opinion on the F015 Luxury in Motion and let everyone know what you think. 

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