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Baby Found Dead In Dumpster: Gunman Still On The Loose

Police in Long Beach, California are still looking for the gunman who wounded the parents of a 3 week old baby girl, her uncle, and kidnapped the baby and eventually killed her, afterwards putting her tiny body inside a plastic bag and dumping her in a dumpster. According to a report by CBS News on Jan. 6, police have no leads or motives yet. They say it wasn’t just a random act but the killer is still out there while the baby is dead and the uncle and mother are still in the hospital in critical but stable condition and the father was recently released from the hospital but is still by his girlfriend’s side, the mother of the tiny baby.

According to the LA Times, the whole neighborhood as well as friends and family of the couple and the baby are in shock and total disbelief that this has happened. A close friend of the Delacruz’s, 21 year old Aaron Cruz had this to say about the situation:

There are no words to describe it. Everyone is in shock still that this happened to our friend.

Police say that someone found the baby in a plastic bag inside a dumpster along with the trash in it near the freeway by the Mexican border. Most of the neighbors don’t know what to say because they are in such shock still but one lady who was pushing a stroller of her own by the memorial site said:

Poor thing. What could she have been guilty of?

Family, friends, and neighbors have also made a makeshift memorial for little Eliza, the tiny 3 week old baby who was kidnapped and killed and found in the dumpster. Some of the things they placed in this memorial include stuffed animals, wrapped candy, booties, a baby blanket, votive candles, and flowers. They are also lighting candles in remembrance of little Eliza Delacruz.

What do you think about this horrible incident? It is so sad that someone can kidnap and then kill a tiny baby who has hurt no one and then throw her little body in the dumpster. How can people be so cruel? Sound off with your own opinion in the comments section below and let everyone know what you think about this. 

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