‘Penis’ Shaped Play-Doh Toy Brings On Complaints By Parents

Hasbro has released a new Play-Doh toy for children. It is called ‘Play-Doh Cake Mountain’ and somehow got shaped like a penis. According to a report by SF Gate on Dec. 31, many children got this new Play-Doh toy for Christmas. Apparently, it is an extruder tool that allows for children to make pretend cake and use the extruder ‘penis’ shaped tool to put icing on their Play-Doh pretend cake. However, many parents are complaining that Hasbro has allowed this toy to be sold for their children to use and play with while other parents are wondering how it got past the bosses of Hasbro with it being shaped like a ‘penis.’

According to the Huffington Post, the toy either looks like a penis or even a dildo. Many parents are posting on social media to make their complaints and even have called Hasbro to speak to them about this penis shaped tool for extruding pretend frosting onto pretend Play-Doh cake.

You can read some of the tweets about this ‘penis’ shaped toy here.

Although many parents are complaining about this and not letting their children play with it, one woman, a mother of two children from Melbourne, Florida thought it was actually pretty funny. She said:

I pulled out this extruder toy, and I just started cracking up at it, I couldn’t help it. Then I immediately put the Play-Doh in it and took a picture of it.

After taking the picture of the Play-Doh inside the ‘penis’ shaped toy, she then posted it on Facebook to share with her friends. She said:

My friends have just as dirty minds as I do. It was hysterical to me. And then I gave it to my daughter to play with.

She also said her daughter and her 4-year-old son don’t notice anything strange about it at all.

Hasbro has received many comments about the ‘penis’ or ‘dildo’ shaped toy. They have promised to replace the toy for those parents who don’t want their children to play with it. They also said in a statement that they are in the process of updating all future toys with a different tool.

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