Young Immigrants Get Their Drivers License In Arizona

Monday marked a happy day for many young immigrants in Arizona. This is because, according to a report by ABC News on Dec. 23, many young immigrants who were brought into this country as little kids were able to take their driving test and pass it to obtain their driver’s license. They now proudly have American driver’s licenses.

The reason why these young immigrants in Arizona were standing in line outside the motor vehicle office waiting on the doors to open to take and pass their driving test is because President Obama passed a law in 2012 that allows immigrants under the age of 30 who have been in the country for 5 consecutive years, are at least 16 years old, and are either enrolled in high school, have graduated from high school or have served in the military, to take the driving test and, if passed, get their driver’s license.

This law has made it possible for so many young immigrants to be able to start driving legally as most of them admitted that they were driving without their driver’s license and were afraid they would get pulled over and get into trouble. Some were taking the bus to and from work or school but many admitted that they were driving illegally for quite some time now. Now, these young people can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are legally allowed to drive to and from work or school every day.

According to MSN, Arizona was the last state to allow this. Monday morning, many motor vehicle workers were surprised to come to work and find a long line waiting outside for them to unlock and open the doors so these young people could get in and take and pass their tests.

One of many of these young people, Jose Cazares who is 21-years-old stated how he felt so much better knowing he is legal to drive now.

It’s going to be, peace of mind knowing that I’m legally allowed to drive now, not having to watch over my back and think of, ‘Oh am I going to get pulled over and get a ticket, get my car towed, and how am I going to get to work the next day.

19-year-old Ramon Maldonado had this to say about his happiness knowing he now has his driver’s license.

It feels pretty nice knowing that I finally have the piece of paper that I have been waiting for for over two years.

Imagine how all of these young people feel now. The feeling of freedom knowing you can get into your car and just go wherever you need to go whenever you need to. Knowing you don’t have to beg anyone for a ride anywhere anymore.

Also, according to the report, the motor vehicles offices expect a busy week or weeks ahead as they expect 20,000 immigrants to now be eligible for their driver’s license.

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