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Tom Brokaw Says His Cancer Is In Remission

Tom Brokaw had some good news for his colleagues at NBC News. He said the Multiple Myeloma he was diagnosed with last year is now in remission. According to a report by Fox News on Dec. 21, after months of chemotherapy, his cancer is now in remission. This is very good news for Mr. Brokaw and the rest of his colleagues at NBC News.

As a matter of fact, in a memo he noted that his future was,

More uncertain than I cared to acknowledge.

Last February he stated that six months prior he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which is a cancer that affects the blood cells in the blood marrow. At that time, Brokaw was undergoing treatment.

Mr. Brokaw also stated in September that his condition was improving. He said the cancer was almost under control.

Tom Brokaw used to be an ‘NBC Nightly News’ correspondent. Although he doesn’t cover the nightly news anymore, according to MSN he still works as a special correspondent. He works on special projects now and he participated in last month’s election coverage.

Brokaw is 72-years-old and has called the past year a ‘challenge.’ He added that he met it gratefully in ‘world class hospitals with brilliant physicians.’

He also wrote a note to his fellow colleagues which you can read the whole thing here. He signed it, T-Bone.

It is great that Mr. Brokaw is now in remission and he can live out his remaining years happy and comfortable with his friends and family with him.


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